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Joseph McCain

First. I'm from Texas and there isn't a much better place.... if your around Greene, Texas there is a Greene river grill that serves really good food. I liked the New Orleans style shrimp and the ribs. They have won awards for the ribs and been in the newspapers a couple times. Greene is south of Austin... so it may or may not be close to where you are.


Hi Kat,

Wow, filming in Texas now. That's really great. This new film isn't even listed on your IMDB profile yet. I wonder what it is.

Have a good time!

Take care,


90/60 isn't too terrible. Some might consider it a minor case of hypotension, but I wouldn't think it's too big a deal. Then again, I'm not a doctor... O:)

Omega II

Welcome to Texas! I have to warn you though. Get out before summer, but if you have to stay then get out by August. We get over 100 degree weather with 100% humidity constantly.


You really need to start taking photos and posting them to your photo album.

Dr. Anth

1. I think you'd be dying were the numbers in reverse.

2. As an amateur gynecologist, I can agree that you are not as interesting as lungs. Granted that your lungs are probably more interesting than those of any other.


Oh my, a movie with Rodriguez, sounds good.

kris in FL

interesting weblog kat, love your youtube your not dying at least regarding your BP but becoming a peanut butter person could be trouble although peanut butter is tasty

btw - i'm not a doctor


Hi, Kat!
Well, im sure you not dying, im not doctor too but i at once time in biology class i learned about blood pressure and your pressure look normal. Kat is healthy /o/

Take Care, oyasumi.


Robert Rodriguez is certainly great reason to be in Texas for the summer. Have fun with whatever project you are working on - but then again you should always have fun doing everything. What is life if you are not having fun.


sorry about the spam last time xD anyway... i don't think ur dying... actually rephrase: i hope ur not dying... i wouldn't know... Texas, sounds fun.. hehe x] take care :]
"i got all the peanut butter" :D haha (long story)


And the sequel to Evil Bread II?

Army of Starchiness.


A Robert Rodriguez movie? Awesome. It seems Kat's been very busy lately. Hopefully I'll be able to say, "I was a fan of hers before she become so famous."


1 word Kat: stickam
as in

think about it


You'd eventually take to dragging those guys from bazaar to bazaar in search of a lamp-genie with a machete, some garbage bags and an alibi/jury-Jedi-mind-trick 2-fer.

Nobody Special

Evil Bread?


I hope your hand doesn't go bad and you have to hack it off.
I'm glad your doing a movie with Mr Rodiguez. That's sure to involve tons of blood squibs and gore! Awesome! I can't wait to see you in a zombie action flick.


Ok so first...

Robert Rodriguez! AWESOME! I tried to make his "Porko Billo" recipe that he put on the "Once upon a time in Mexico" DVD but I think I over cooked it. See if you can get him to make it for you... of course if it turns out to be perfect you would have to shoot him.

And second,
Are you ok? "felt the ground give way beneath me and I've been a peanut butter person ever since." I'm not sure what this means, you've got ground giving way... thats bad, but then you have peanut butter... thats uh tasty.

Lungs, pfft, air sacks that allow the transfer of oxygen through osmosis to the blood stream where it bonds to red cells involving something to do with iron. BOOOORING.

"Some say his ears are made of wood and he's afraid of bells. All we know is he's called the Stig."

You should make a film in the UK so you can be the "Star in a reasonably priced car" on top gear. Have you seen the polar special? Its amazing. (and on you tube.

Oh geez now I'm watching top gear vids on your tube. My days as good as waisted.


1: If you're dying then I'm screwed >.<

2: Given how many people smoke nowadays, I'd say you've got lungs beat.

Ground Caving: Be warned, hanging around with people taller than you may result in sudden lapses of gravity. Consult a short doctor before working with tall people.

Personal armies: Awesome. Don't leave home without them.

Ryan Evans

Charlie Bartlett opened this weekend in the UK and I just saw it today. Just wanted to say well done on making a great movie; it was bittersweet,touching, moving, funny and real. You're character's relationship with Charlie felt like watching a piece of my life that I had forgotten about. If that makes any sense. All the cast were fantastic but you in particular were incandescent and I felt like I knew your character personally by the end. Finally, your voice is beautiful. Fragile, delicate and emotive it reminded me of Joni Mitchell or Linda Ronstadt not in your voice but in the feeling you put in.

Daniel Lopez

Kat if you're in Austin you should let me know. I live here and I know all the cool places to be.


hey kat! I love you're writing, you're so fun and interesting (even though you don't think so). I'm Swedish so that meens you're great even here! keep going 8)an check in my myspace / yohanna


if you do manage to get the Top Gear guys to go with you, whatever you do make sure you dont give them an American car to drive around in. They think all American cars are rubbish (with a few exceptions), but give them an amazingly fast car to drive and they will be eating out of your hands


i wish you would write and direct your own movies instead of just acting in stuff by people who are less creative than you.


As an actual doctor (Canadian, and still in residency, but it still counts. I think) I can assure you that not only is 90/60 okay, it's pretty bad ass. The whole 120/80=Normal thing is based on old studies that included only mid-age men. As long as you don't pass out when you stand up, there's actually no such thing as too low a blood pressure- the lower the better, in fact.

This assumes that you are not, in fact, passing out every time you stand up. If you are, you should probably crawl to a phone and call me.

As for lungs: they're pretty cool, but you make better vidclips.

Rafael Nascimento

I always thinked that peanut butter must be so gooood! I always wanted to taste it! But i think it doesn't exists here in Brazil ='( (And i don't know why, since we have so much things made with peanut :| things really good!)
Ohhh! Now i remembered a kind of cake made with peanut that we have in Brazil that you don't have =D It's so delicious!!!
But this fact don't minimize that i want peanut butter and i don't have ='(
Wow, i think my comment have not to do with the post subject, but i think i'm a little bit addicted to candy! =O

Hope your blood pressure be better soon girl!

Brazilian kisses!

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