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That was really really funny. But I liked the part where you explained about your hatred for these..issues..more than the rest of the video in which you cleaned.


The wait is finaly over, and gumby strikes again! Nice vid Kat :)


Great vid kat, brill to see you again. I feel your hatred for cleaning!


haha, well done Kat.

nice to see and hear from you again.

and your right, cleaning sucks the big one

Patrick are MONEY and don't even know it baby!! M-O-N-E-Y!! I hope this is just the start of "Kat Sweeps Weeks" and we are innundated with a new Kat vid every day. A guy can dream can't he? XO ..P


Here's a riddle that has to do with cleaning. What gets weter as it dry's?


You truly rock, Kat. I have been anxiously awaiting new video from you and it was so worth it. You have a way of being exceptionally entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. Grace and Peace to you.

Omega II


Loved it! if your in my family = Gumby appearance


I have a couple of problems with this video.

1.) The music is a little loud. Either that or the dialogue is a little quiet. The one is too loud in comparison to the other.

2.) Marzipan is mispronounced. It's a German word and the Z is pronounced list a TS. Like in Nazi. (Oh, and marzipan rocks. Especially when it is coated in rich, dark chocolate.)

Otherwise it was great.


"Here's a riddle that has to do with cleaning. What gets weter as it dry's?"

I know that one, but I won't spoil it for everyone else.

I have another question, does anyone remember the name of the canabalistic hamster in the short stories Kat used to write?


Wow...Kat....I just read the Katherine Mansfield story. Tears in my eyes.


I approve of Tiny Tim.


I totally have that song stuck in my head now. Thank you so much.

Best video yet.


FINALLY!!!! A Video!! All is right with the universe!! I can at last, breath! I hope you like making these videos Kat, because as you’ve probably realized by now, your pretty much going to have to make them for the rest of your life. . . Yea. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “What have I gotten myself into?” Such is the price of fame, babe. Deal with it. . . By the way, great video, and it was good to see Gumby again.


if u need a house cleaner i would do it free, just need a place to stay until i become a firefighter, then u would have to find a new cleaner

Vivian Darkbloom

Additional generic fan compliment, Kat! XD


hahaha i loved the attempted dusting of the vacuum cleaner...
you should cook dinner for the next video.


Hi Kat!

Another fantastic video! So glad to see another one! That was very enjoyable. You make your frustrations into fun videos. I thought the half-hearted cleaning was also very adorable. Also, I was amazed that you used a Tiny Tim recording as I am a fan of his. For me, that made an already enjoyable video even more exciting. Love it, Kat!



I don't think you got angry enough about the muthafukn' marzipan man. Its marzipan for creeezuz sake. Did you know marzipan has almost exactly the same consistency as C4 explosive? I learnt that from a movie of the week about the Oklahoma bombing staring that claw hand lady from Boston Public and Picket Fences . I've gotta go talk less crazy now. bye.


Another great video! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Have a good one.


Tiny tim rules... my local independent video store had their copy of the documentary about him "street of dreams" i believe its called, stolen from them and the copy that put the dvd out is now out of my life is basically ruined without tiny tim... but i'm glad i have your video to remind me


i love how my name appeared on somone elses comment...lovely... well at least its not a bad one


wait, forget it im a dumbass, im new here, bear with me


You are just like every one of my friends, which means I'm a very lucky person *asskissingasskissingasskissing* Seriously, though. All young starlets should be as identifiably quirky as you. Thanks for giving independent script writers of tomorrow a little hope for the future.


Oh, and- I fell in love with you in Raise Your Voice. A friend of mine and I watch really bad movies and write down viciously funny comments as a pasttime. Not that you were bad. No, you were the only interesting thing in the whole Hillary-Duff-tossing-her-blonde-locks thing. No obvious offense to the girl; I don't know her personally. Well, I could go on a long but justified rant on the whole virgin/whore image of the teenage girl, but, I digress.
You, you're reputable. In the good way.

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