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HOLY COW!!!! It looks great. I'm so excited!!!!! Hopefully my mom will let me see it. She didn't let me finish the book.


Looks like a nice one ^^ I'll definitely see it.

Rafael Nascimento

Really cool! =)
Seems that i'll cry watching this movie =O (I always cry when the quiet guy gets a happy end =D)
And I have so much reasons to watch it!
- A guitar player that have no luck with girls! (is this a mirror of myself? hahahahah)
- Michael Cera! He's really charismatic in everything that he do!
... - Another many reasons...
- And the best reason: YOU!!!! ;D
Congratulations for you to be always great, girl! ;D
Rock'em up! \,,/


OH MAN...Michael Cera + Kat Dennings? Hoorah. This movie looks fab. Plus,I enjoyed the book so I'm interested to see how this plays out. I've loved your recent movies Kat =) I'm so excited that I'll be able to watch you and Michael Cera acting together! Aghh the brilliance will be overwhelming. Looks like it would have been a fun movie to make. E> love from a fellow nail polish enthusiast.


Excellent trailer. Sells the movie well and this should be a solid midlevel hit ($50 million, more or less). And with a reported budget of $9 million, that would be a huge profit for Sony, and would ensure more roles for Kat!

Omega II

Now, I want to see it for more than just you.

Nobody Special

Looks to be your best movie yet.



Ya-iy ! o//

Looks nice, and the duo looks so sweet !


I actually met a girl at a party once who had the same dentist as me. Dr. Lambourne, "Caters for cowards by offering quality, caring and pain free treatment." He's the man.

"He's good," cracked me up.


Saw the trailer when I went to watch Get Smart earlier this week. Looks great!

um your biggest fan basically

I've been following this movie closely since I saw you guys filming it by me up at NYU and basically it looks like a movie I'd see even if you and Michael weren't in it. So now I'm more excited than ever. Keep up the good work, miss!


i cant wait to see this movie and the house bunny sure they will be great movie...


Looks good

%^#*$& Charlie Bartlett is the SHIZZZT

eric f.

It looks hilarious. The best bit was the headbutt and resulting nose-pain reaction.


looks magnificent!

Eric Braddock

Hey there, just checked out the trailer, I'll admit, I had my doubts at first when I read the summary, but after seeing the trailer for it, I think it's gonna be great. Keep it up ;)

another kat fan, meow

i love u kat and john cho omg i cant wait to see this movie lol its gonna be amazing

Juana   Martinez

Just saw the preview I definitely want to go see this movie when it comes out. !

Juana   Martinez

Just saw the preview I definitely want to go see this movie when it comes out. !


Definitely looks better than the House Bunny, no offense.

James Zintel

I may have to violate my rule of only watching movies that involve sassy robots and/or planets of apes and go see this.


Looks fun. I look forward to seeing this. I don't know why I can't stop reading your website.

Michael Luna

Just saw the tralier...looks great...I cant wait to see it. I loved Charlie Bartlett and got so many people to watch it ...I cant wait to see this movie and do just the same.......I'm excited... and're better than the last thing that was just as good....:P Keep it up!


Although I will probably have to beg to see this movie and may fail I promise I will watch it legally at some point in my life :] I loved the book so that's a plus... Just don't wanna watch it with my dad he snores xD


It looks really funny. I can't wait for it to come out.

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