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You tell em. I've never been high as well and I think it's an amazing feat in today's world. Keep it up.


you're amazing and i really admire that you insist on making this clear


It is delirium! Who could think such nonsenses? I never thought something like this and I'm sure, that the majority of people will be agree with me. Don't pay attention to statements of any morons and freaks.
Just be yourself.


I always just thought you were just doing what most people would do if they were honest about who they are, and how they want to live. You don't hold back, and that's enviable. I hope that I can one day be as honest as you are.



I think you are insanely AWESOME!


You know, it's kind of silly how some people try to find some alternate excuse to do things. Whether it's "I was so high/drunk". It's kind of nice to see someone to take accountability to random hilarity that spawns out of one's head on a day to day basis. I think everyone has the ability to do what Ms. Dennings does on a regular basis, most usually are too uncomfortable in their own skin to take it with stride.

This randomly reminded me of a certain Beatles lyric:

"I am he
As you are he
As you are me
And we are all together."

Ironically however, I think they WERE high when they came up with it.


yeah Kat!!

finally, an intelligent person who is famous yet still down-to-earth and opposed to drugs rather than trying to please everyone and say bullshit like drugs are cool.

Kat, you are amazing
and to hell with the rest of 'em, eh?



People say the same thing about me. I hate it :\


Yeah, it's frustrating how you're not allowed to be eccentric until you're filthy rich, or taking the drug route.

I daresay people are much too serious, and it's a shame that people feel the need to drink or light up to act like idiots.

I personally would rather just skip the middle man and act like an idiot on my own. Then I'll remember it the next day, and get some enjoyment out of it.

Stay eccentric. It's much more fun that way!


It has actually never crossed my mind that you could be high. YOU ARE AMAZING! Yeah, as you say, you are weird, but the person who claims he's not weird..well you should look out for that guy.. haha. But I hope it doesn't hurt as much as you say when people think you're on drugs, cause they have NO idea. Don't let them bring you down! EVER! Be who you are ALWAYS, cause you seem to have the coolest personality I know :)

-Take care-

European Guy

No offense to everyone else but I won't be sweet talking here like 'ooh you are amazing' or so! It's just pretty cool that you keep normal and react/do whatever you won't... I would do like you did before, don't mind other people, you are who you are, and if they think you are high, let them be, they don't know you, and you don't know them... (Hmm this might be kinda sweet talking, but it wasn't intentional hehe)

But hey I'm another person you don't know, so if you are thinking it's stupid what I write, ignore it! WTF!ROFL! :P

Oooh and I'm glad to hear that you actually read your comments, so I know this isn't another pointless note!


I think online, noone is or could be completely him/herself so I don't think we're in any position to judge you or anyone else we've never met in person. The only question here is therefor: Do we like or do we not like to read your somewhat weird blogs and watch your even weirder videos? I'm voting Yes. Other people obviously don't.
And about the whole "High" part. I'm somewhat tipsy at the moment (I'm belgian, can't help it), so yeah, people tend to write crazy stuff when they're intoxicated (I'm proving that right now), but people who make a rule out of that have clearly forgotten their brain somewhere along the road and unfortunately, the internet is the worse place to hide from them. They're everywhere in the digital wastelands.

By the way, thanks for Johnny Flynn. The guy is amazing.

Kyle R

Meee tooooooo.


STRAIGHT EDGE 4 Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel ya Kat!


I just hope your balls don't hurt too much!!


oh kat im sorry that people say these untrue rude things about you and im glad that your standing up and saying HEY this is meee

you are you and that is all that matters!! i think its amazin how random you are i makes me smile when i see the youtube fun!



You rock, Kat!
Talk is cheap. That people can be very hurtful when they say things like that, which even aren't true!
I would never think about you in that way, I mean I consider you as one of the funniest girls I have ever known! You're super healthy!
If they speak like that, they don't know you. If they knew you, they'd love you!

Keep on rocking Kat :)


Do your thang.

Jeanette Benzie

I never had the tiniest feeling you were on anything... I just felt like you had some intelligence like the rest of us who talk oddly.


To be honest, they're all just a bunch of haters and it seems that the internet is the prime place for people to talk crap mostly because they don't have to face you in person.

Nevertheless do ur thing kat we got ur back :]


It's not just you, kiddo. All the world's lovable weirdos get this nonsense. The witless twerps remarking on your video blogs just don't understand imagination, intelligence and offbeat humour. Their cluelessness is a sign you're on the right track. Good for you!


I think you have an awesome personality, Kat. I'm sorry that people have said those untrue things about you. Don't worry about what those people think or say about you - just be yourself!

-- Todd


(Amazing how fast the comments are posted x'D).
It's fun, this lifestyle (against drugs, not drinking etc...) I always found it elitist, do you judge those people ? Maybe sometimes... When they're off limits ? It's just that you are aware of the danger isn't it ? The same they did towards you perhaps ?

I think that this is a part of your charm, this "like you're high" side ='D. It's cute and it's a reason why you have so many fans (okay perfection doesn't exist, but as for me, the character of Norah is pretty close x'D). More, who cares of what people say é_è ? Being weird is the new normality !


dude meringues, i think im falling in love with you


Kat, I never thought you were high, in fact I think you're one of the most real people I've ever seen. I find it completely amazing somebody in your crazy position can still stay so true to themselves and not give a flip flop what all those people watching her think.

So screw all them I tell ya! Keep being you you crazy kangaroo, because it's awesome.

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