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Good call on the frozen grapes. You should work them into the book.


I guess you can email Twitter support so they can suspend the account of the impostor who uses your name. Maybe they can even give the username to you. :)


sorry for taking yer name on twitter... but oh the conversations i have


yay i am SUPER EXCITED about this book Kat hahah i also love frozen grapes

have u tried frozen pinapple ITS BOMB!!

ill be twitter follower of you :)


oh also Kat, i am sorry your sick try drinking soothing hot tea and honey maybe youl feel better

love always,


Confucius say cure for burning trachea hot green tea and quiet meditation.

Confucius also say man who sneezes without tissue takes matters in his own hands.


well. 1st comment ever on ur blog.
ive been reading for a while though...
im excited for ur book, ur randomness is quite intriguing n hilarious. .
and ehh the flu virus killed my trachea as well, its recovering. LEMon & honey is key..
good luck lady...

Alex aka Alheezy

Me and Twitter have had a falling out in the past (it involves a one night stand and a certain social networking site never calling me back), but for you Kat, I will suck up my pride and go crawling back to Twitter so that I may know the exact minute of your consumption of frozen fruits and, maybe one day in the future, if the gods allow it, veggies.

-Alex, a.k.a Alheezy


I don't read much, but i must say i am intrigued by what thoughts and notions may be recorded in that book.


yay! my RECORD! im the tenth comment! now let me read wat u wrote.
okay i read it and ill check the website!


Hope you get to feeling better soon. Just got over a nasty cold and bronchitis myself, but as everybody else has mentioned, good tea and plenty of rest go a long way. Hang in there hon. As far as Twitter goes... I've been trying to avoid that site for so long... the last thing I need is another internet based addiction, but I suppose it's inevitable.

Todd Smith-Salter

Oh gosh, it's Friday the 13th...second month in a row!!! FREAK OUT!


Can't wait to read the book!


Oh yeah, I want this book :P
Twitter is the dark side, welcome to it :P

Alley Ahlquist

I'm very glad that you're writing a book. It will be VERY FUN AND INTERESTING TO READ!!

Can't wait until it comes out!! I'm going to buy it!!

The twitter thing seems weird and odd.. MEANS I LOVE IT, well might be fun to read.. you never know.

And I hope you feel better soon. It really sucks being sick.

Chocolate and Kat rules!

Best wishes Alley


You have to do a book signing tour! And come to Ottawa up here in Canada!


I like Twitter.
Serves my needs as a voyeur quite well.

I've tried writing books before. I don't want to know how many pages I've burnt in my desperation. Let's hope you'll do better than me.


I don't have a bosom but if I have to I'll get one so I can hold it there.


you're amazing!
Hope you feel better soon!
(p.s., I wore a plaid flannel shirt today...they're marvelous)


Someone was impersonating the Ewan MacGregor on Twitter and thousands followed him, even though he was so patently fake.

You should go kamikaze on the imposter by firing full stops and bullet points at them.


I too have avoided twitter thus far... but if you are there, I am there. :P


Damn twitter! These social networking sites are like digital pringles. Try all you want you'll never end up with just one. And for future twitter related reference i'm notcliveowen. Hazzah! And away.


Oh my goodness! A BOOK!! I'm so excited I used the caps. :)

Can't wait.



I'm so excited that I cannot put it into words! You have just reunited books and I. I hope you come to PA on a possible book tour.


Hope you get better soon! I'm so happy you decided to write a book, i can't wait!

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