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YES. Seriously, you are hilar. I would buy at LEAST four and a half copies.


I would spend money on it AND read it. And then re-read it.


Sure I'd read it! Be sure to tell us what Bob Saget is REALLY like. *wink wink*


Sure I would. Beats analysing bad german poetry or reading the House Bunny script (No Offense, just my opinion).
But seriously: You won't hear a lot of No's to that question here. If people like you enough to read your blog, they'd probably read your book too.


I'd buy it and read it. =)


I already follow your blog so i'm sure that i would enjoy reading what you have to say in a book form.


I'd read it!

I'm a substitute teacher and one of the students I taught today reminded me a lot of you. She even had a similar voice.


Definitely :D


Can I put in my advance order with Amazon now? I love the way you write... and I also love beets, but I share your fear of their natural dye powers, so I always put them in a separate bowl when I eat them with anything else - I don't do purple food.


Hell to the yeah!


Write a book!

The crush I have on you because of your Nick and Norah's puppet show would demand that I buy it as soon as it comes out.

Matt G

Depends on what exactly the contents of said book are I suppose.


Can the book be, like, 20 pages long and have awesome drawings and scribbles in it and still be a best-seller? 'cus then I'll buy it.


Kat YESSS i will read it, not only would i read it I would damand that eveyrone i know read it,i have already gotten most my friends and fam sucked into your blog and youtube so YES WRITE A BOOK KAT DENNINGS DO IT!!!! I am gettin all excited thinkin bout it!


absolutely yes I would buy/read/re-read over a book by you!


I would buy it and read it and then buy some more and give them as gifts :)


I would totally read it! I'm a huge reader and most of the books I've been reading recently are so boring! Please renew my love in books and write one!!!


Yes I Would buy it and read it.

Corrine Engelgau


I remember sending you an email quite some time ago about this very thing. Yes. I would totally read it.

Your blog is the highlight of my life (--not in a pathetic sort of way).

My sister would read it too. Then I'd just shove copies under the doors of strangers, why? Because everyone wants to read it.


It's a great idea!! I encourage you to do so, but I can't assure you I'll buy it because I live in Spain and buying it overseas... you know, the shipping expenses and so on... it's ok, I'll pay if it's worth it.


I'd read it, and most of my friends probably would too.

Shaun Allen Crawford

I would like to read a book by you about gloves you have seen on the sidewalk...BECAUSE I always pass by gloves on the sidewalk too and also wonder who they belong to and am saddened that they will forever be lost to their owner and twin glove brother/sister.


I would read it ten times!!!


Yes, I sure will spend money and actually read it. Contrary to what you think, you are an interesting person and your thoughts compiled on a book would be more interesting!


Absolutely yes, i would read and but it!

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