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I just don't do bugs. I saw a centipede crawling around my floor a while ago and the next day tore apart my room trying to clean every inch. Traumatizing.


A couple of weeks ago i was dreaming spiders in my sleep.Suddenly i woke up and saw a spider on my pillow which ofcourse wasn't real.It was just still in my mind.Thank god i was alone and nobody saw me running away from my bedroom while i freaked out.It was a really funny moment.

tootraumatizedtogotothe toilet

thats nothing

last week, i wake up
go to the bathroom to do my business.
while i'm sitting 'on the throne' i hear a sloshing sound, which sounded very weird.

anyways some time later (i had a large portion of fruit the previous night) i finish doing my business.
i close the toilet lid before flushing. flush
and then i lift the lid up. to find to my horror of all horrors

now thats traumatic


That sucks, Kat, especially for someone who can't stand spiders.:( The only crap my couch pulls is swiping some change from peoples' pockets and hiding a remote, plus any other odd small things. Yes, I hope I never find a colony of spiders or anything else in mine.
I just bought Charlie Bartlett yesterday and added it to my shelf. It's funny as hell. And you were amazing, as always. The concept is great and different, and now I know how far I could have gone if I had more ambition and vision when I was that age! lol The movie was well written, but you could bring life to any script. You really are all that. No lie!:)

I know this is a reaaaaally old post, but I've just got to sat.. Wow, that really sucks, spiders make me paranoid... it's like, once I see one, I feel like they're around me all day!


I don't know why I'm even saying this, but I have a ridiculous spider dance too. It has actually come to a point that spiders cannot be mentioned without my friends making sure a roomful of people fully grasp what my dance looks like. Which basically, to elaborate, consists of me running in place holding a can of HotShot and spraying the shit out of tiny little ninjas scaling my walls.

I love your commentary.

Orwells Ghost

Well I am glad you found the source of your spider problem.

David Farrokhian

You know speaking about couches, i was laying there watching my favorite movie when all of a sudden it felt like i had gotten burned by something. I look all around the couch and didn't see anything, the next thing you know there was a wasp crawling on my blanket, how it got there is still a mystery to me and my couch, and cant forget my foot. WOW


vinegar hand soap and newspaper is for cleaning mirrors I am today, my spiders are under my bathtub there all dead now..all of them.

franky deepsix

kat dennings is sooo hot. i want to watch her boobies bounce!




I love you




I love you


Spiders Suck! Great blog you have, thanks for cleaning. I should do that same. :)


I have just seen you in a movie. Until today I did not know about you. I am a sculptor, and when I saw you at ... it was like a phenomenon. You should have been born during the period of Impressionism although now it is more likely that someday we will meet somewhere and I create your portrait:)


I so feel your pain. I moved into my own place (for the 3rd time, but the first time since 2 years ago), and my house is apparently a spider den. Now that it's cold, I haven't seen one, but I know this summer will bring them all back. Anyway, spiders suck. Also, sorry to point it out, but you seem sad. I'm sorry if you are. But you rock, and it's awesome to see another strong woman out there who doesn't define herself by how people have "victimized" her, or by being submissive. You rock, Ms. Dennings :-).



ade haris yusuf

lovely ...lovely....dennings


i love you so much kat!!!!!

Angel Rodriguez

I've never written anything on blogs. Maybe this one time I write something I'll get a response. I wonder if there is really a way to contact someone famous. After all we are both humans :). Hope this reaches you. You sure are a talented person maybe one day we'll sit down and have something to drink but not coffee everyone goes for coffee I'm not everyone. Thank you for your time Kat Dennings if you read this well who knows hahaha. I can tell you can hold interesting conversations one day i would like to have one with you.


lol <3

Rev.Raymond Eli

hello,hello again i love kat dennings with my 246lb heart.she is one hot,hot,hot,hot angel from heaven.check me out extra and lopez tonight.please let the most beautiful women on the planet know she can put an arrow in my large heart.


i liked your show tonight, it was very funny. I went out looking to read about you after the show and stumbled across your website. I saw the Obama Hope sign and was completely turned off and now have no desire to watch your sitcom anymore. When is Hollywood going to learn to stay out of politics. Best of luck with your show.

Ruben Alvez

Nice going love 2 broke girls great show hope noting but the best to the show and cast, made me watch TV..(I don't like TV) But.......

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