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Mademoiselle Robot

Gosh I could totally do with a Bowie Burger right about now.


you are awesome


Mmmm.. Queen Bitch Sandwich..

tasty.. haha


Too bad I'm on this horrible flax seed diet. Maybe, since today is my birthday, I can cheat, and eat a Bowie Burger with a side of Golden Years.


YAY! it's been too long! normally i"m a vegetarian, but i think in this case i would make an exception!


if i ever saw you in a bar and im sure you would be wearing a david bowie shirt..i would think you were one of those weird home schooled drama kids...there is a difference between artsy creepy weird and home school weird.
then id probably come over buy you a drink and be like hey..Do you like Legend and The never Ending Story?

Jonny Mnemonic

I would deff Nom him up in The Labyrinth


YAY a new blog update! and its a delicious bowie burger haha


I never really got into Bowie for some reason. Probably his glam past. I like music that doesn't have to create a fashion style to be good.
"The man who sold the world" is still a classic though.
Thanks, Kurt.

Sara H.

Haha this is great!!

-Sara H.


lol he is pretty good looking for his age i dont know about a sandwich though


I would eat that...haha
I love you Kat!!!! you really got to post more often! i like the stuff you WRITE the best, though. how is the book coming?


A whopper Jr., I am what you slay
Can't grill it brown no, can't grill it brown
A whopper Jr., I am what you slay
Can't grill it brown no, can't grill it brown

A whopper Jr., I am what you slay
I got big eaters (kiss-kiss)
big eating me




this sure is interesting! :'


I love it! David Bowie is so awesome, how could anyone deny him in burger form?!

Dakota Hallman

very cool


David Bowie was great as Nikola Tesla in "The Prestige", and now he's even better as a burger! There's nothing better than a delicious Bowie Burger, medium-well!


Tee hee! Too funny!


lawdle lawdle lawdle(the new lol)phrase, funny. your a david bowie fan, as to im a freddie mercury fan. koolz


Have it your way at Bowie king...

Zeke the plumber



Now thats what I call a "Manwich". Wait a minute that sounded slightly gay.........meh.


david bowie has a nice mug shot


i would eat my bowie burger in my bowie themed bathroom...seems an odd place for burger consumption, but i would want him to be surrounded by comforting images as i devoured him with extra pickles.

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