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Hmm, not quite to sure what to make of this. I like the blue and green swirly planet, though.


I hate grits. Even in space.


no you didnt!


I love it. marry me.
no really, this made me lol for the first time tonight. haha. I love creating shiz on paint.
oh and this is the first time Ive been here. so here goes: youre music taste is amazing [for the most part] ontop of your regular amazingness.


hahah space grits
you never ceast to amaze me

Mark Chubb

Your green and blue planet... I find it oddly... Familiar?
...Nope, I have no idea where I may have seen it, must be some movie or something.

When do you eat grits, in the morning? I eat cold cereal, been doing it for years but never in space.
Check the link that is linked, tell the guy what you think in a blink, even if he is to be told he stink. No spiders in the sink!


Im english and have no idea what grits are??? Scrambled eggs maybe?


you are just adorable.

Stefan Hayden

is this some sort of startrek reboot? too soon! where are the lens flares?


Another wonderful collage! I have not had grits in forever but I am almost positive they would taste better in space. I betcha that's what Major Tom was eating while he was in space! By the way, how is the book coming along?


haha this is absolutely brilliant, kat!


I have never had grits, but I suppose space would be the best place to try them. Two knew experiences goiing to space and grits. Houston, we have grits!


WOOOO. Intergalactic awkward breakfast time! Very nice, Kat. Keep up the great work ;)


You are strangely awesome. How does one become so awesome?


I think you think you're weird, but you really just express the irregular thoughts that cross everyones mind, in a class I took it said that under fascist aesthetic, all bodies are classed, gendered, racialized, etc. so we all end up belonging to a "freakish" body, so really we're all weird or no one is a weird. Pretty random, but just something I though I'd express after catching up on a few posts.

ps. I think me and you could be good friends (not to sound stalkerish), but I doubt we'll ever meet...


Lacuno, according to Wikipedia, grits are (is?) a Native American corn-based food consisting of coarsely ground corn. Never had it myself; it's pretty popular down in the southern states though.

Hmmm, I wonder if the grits are the first wave of an armada that came through the wormhole (that blue-green thingie) and is poised to attack the red planet and its apparent infestation of (I'm guessing here) spiders.

This could also be Kat's way of getting us to look at her picture (okay, any picture with her) and start sputtering, "Hominy! Hominy! Hominy!"

Yes, the mind does boggle.


ohhh this is so pretty, u should be n artist! :)


Lame! It is NOT awesome. Its strange and it fits with Kat's weirdo mentality but its not awesome. "omg you are like so amazing" "you are incredible" "please marry me oh great owner of this ASS that I kiss".

Shut up!!!!
Say its random, yes. Say its creative, fine. Don't freaken drool over it! And to that person who "lol"ed it? You're an idiot. It made your day? Where do they keep you and how long have you been there? Was it solitary confinement for 40 years? Cuz then, and only then would I get why it made you laugh out loud and make your day. The only post I agree with is with the philosophy dude that said noone is wierd or everyone is. Right on man!
Let's wait and see how many brown nosing dumbasses call this image the most incredible amazing glorified piece of exquisite art. Go on now. Don't be afraid.
Some people are just so stupid.

Ps fact: Kat will not date or marry you if you tell her that her crap smells nice.


Oh hi there Jon! Didn't see you there. I'm ok with your post too.

So Jon, what shall we argue about this time?





In space no one can hear you nom.
Is that a planet of Elephants or Buffelo?


Shucks, Jason, thanks. Nice to hear that I'm not on the receiving end of a rant *g*

One thing I do have to comment on with Kat's writings and pictures is that, overall, they sort of put me in mind of Kurt Vonnegut. In some of his works he'd include similar... doodles along with his incredible writing. Perhaps this is something Kat's aspiring towards?


How was it? : )


Some of the comments here are funny. What if she just wants to make a space grits image?


woah, Kat ..i just had some grits. with butter and cheese! they were wonderful. its like we are psycologically(however you might spell that word) linked. i think we are destined to be BFF's. you are so wonderful and silly. i need a friend as fun as you. everyone in Ga sucks!

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