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the kid from London

yeah, i bet you don't even know me, but I'm from london, i've just seen charlie bartlett (i know, late!)
but i just wanted to say that you're my new fave actress (it was ellen page before - but i still love her! btw)
so keep up the good work :)


I would have agreed with this at the time of post, however I have rediscovered glitter eyeliner, and although it was a little crusty and dried up I had my fun.
For the rest I agree entirely.
Oh yes and I have just seen you on tv and love it.


this day was my birthday.


Fifth time I watch Charlie Bartlett this week... every time with different people. Don't get tired of it.
Speaking of random, watch "Due gatti" from Rossini, it may make you smile!


Woah. You are too much fun!
I died a little reading that and your other posts. Well died in a good way. Happy dying for everyone. Woo.
Love your blog m'dear.



I hate rice cakes... :( don't hate me.. I wish I was a lesbian.. and my my weenis itches..


I love you


So was that the Springsteen version or the Sara Bareilles cover you sang to the applesauce?

Pet Armor

I am sponge-worthy


Hey let us know what next movie youre going to be in. The only reason i watch Infinite Playlist is because youre in it..well that and i wanna seduce Michael cera one day :)
Also it would be nice to see you on a big screen instead of having to lie to my friends that im staiyng at home because i ate some bad tacos while secretly watching 2 broke girls -_-

ghoul gonzalez

hell yeah i'm going to be pitting when even when i'm 80 i'll be the guy swinging his prosthetic leg around :D...though irrelevent i just felt like sharing it with the world (yes this blog is the world for me as you can tell i am popular :D)

ghoul gonzalez

ewwwwwwwwww rice cakes with lamb and jelly??? you need a therapist o.o haha kidding that's a weird combination

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