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Now this I call random.

Ana Cristina

Agreed about silver nail polish and glitter eyeliner. But is it wrong that I still lust after sparkly eyeshadow? I don't think that will ever wear off for my inner five year old.

Speaking of rice cakes, thanks for making me crave one. What toppings do you put? I'm partial to peanut butter. :p


Scientists and poets could have a discussion about your blog posts.


Outrageous, and unamerican.


Oh, ice water and its strange powers. It can drive a person to MADNESS.


you go on a daily mile run!?!? id die!!

I can barely go on a two minute walk daily hahah


4 mile runs??? DAILY???
I wish I was capable of that.

JubJub the Brave

There is much to be said for someone who runs 4 miles a day, they either have very little to do or have seriousd ego problems. Much can eb said for someone who follows a "celeb" online though. They too either have a little to do or have a serious ego problem. for myself I reckon the latter.

As for rice cakes, not really that many of them in Scotland. As in none at all. I am quite happy about this a cake of rice doesn't sound too appealing to me.

Also Ice water is sucha strange thing, because ice and water are the same compound just in different states due to temperture or pressure.

Hhhhmmmm I really must get a personatily.


But you didn't show us the leaf...


its probably the summer heat thats causing your lips to bleed by drying up, maybe you should use lip-balm. i know, ive been through that path before, well more like a heat stroke from lawn mowering but im now more stronger to withstand the summer heat now.

Account Deleted

currently my tolerance is 5 mile, but I'm so stranger this days that I don't wanna get out of my bed, but a day I'll come back to run and to make non diet of rice cake.

Mike M

Have to beg the question of who the new friend is? You can't mention it and then not tell us surely! Lol


aaww newfriend
iced water = hangover


Rice cake + tomato slice + cheese slice + toaster oven = Win!!!

Account Deleted

4 mile!!!!!!!!!!!
for me It is unreal!!!!

rice cake!! It is tasty)))
good luck,Kat)))

Christian Reaper

U should make a youtube video about why ur losing tolerance for moshing, maybe show bits of u moshing...
it would be BEASTLY!!!


I can't offer any advice on the eyeliner or nail polish, sorry -- just a couple of things outside of my limited realm of experience. Same thing with the four-mile runs and the mosh pits and the rice cakes and special new friends (or special old friends for that matter -- lost the instructions someplace)...


Maybe if you combined all of the activities into one (or at least some -- except for the bleeding lip and making out with the lawnmower, of course) it could make the events much more interesting (well, challenging at the very least).

Manny's probably right about the heat dehydrating your lips. Lip balm should help you there.

Okay, I'm definitely out of my element here. Time to go back to my melon blend and "Married: With Children."


Nice to see that there are more people who like to write random stuff. Artichoke.

Well done with getting a new friend (elephant in the room bonus) and shame about the lip (wibble).


1. i would love rice cakes with something on it aswell
2. i want to be your special new friend
3. im in italy and i dont know if rice cakes exist heree
4. i have less and less tolerance for my runs also

Jenn Friedman

rice and cake, maybe, but no ricecake for me anytime soon. YOU however, you enjoy that ricecake!


ive never eaten a rice cake before there probably plain. and as for bleeding lips yep lip balm should work oh yeah are you still doing that book and if so how long till you have it out


happy 4th of july


I eat the cinnamon rice cakes. Kudos on running four miles a day. I know I couldn't make myself do that.


Rice Cake with a slice of lamb mmmm don't forget the mint jelly!


hey.. happy 4th of july, Kat, to you and yours. and many more. :]

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