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Rice cakes are the blank canvas of foods. You can put all sorts of stuff on them. I like Nutella on them. Happy Fourth of July.


i have silver nail polish too :)


So, Kat, this special new friend -- did he have a cousin with a Valentino mustache and romantic dreams about you back around V-Day and even burst out of your chest previously?


If Kat wasn't running 4 mi. a day, she'd probably be institutionalized in short order. The physical keeps the crazy to manageable levels.


I put things on rice cakes to make them taste better to. When I say things I mean things like a foot long meatball sub, and when I say I put it on a rice cake what I mean is, I don't.

Scott Andrews

4 mile daily run, wow, thats endurance. Hope you had a great July 4th and that you got your rice cake with whatever you wanted on it. :)

Phil is Sofa King Cool

Well then. I would say you could have made out with something other then a lawnmower. I'm not sure what exactly that is but we could consider the options....
Well in any event. I just want you to know that Beachboys Cover bands should be stricken from the world... or at least the one I had to tolerate until fireworks started.


Glitter eyeliner and silver nail polish are the best things ever.

Yay for new special friend! And rice cakes are delicious.


I enjoyed seeing the Roots on Saturday - Sheryl Crow, not so much.
I fixed a lawn mower, not sure how.
Rice cakes can be used to exfoliate your feet...maybe.
Oh yeah, I caught a mole and learned that they scream if you pick them up.


Hehe, well I can agree and relate to the 4 mile run thing. Mosh pits on the other hand were fun back in the day, but I don't know if I'll be jumping in at the next show I go to. I think I'm over them ;)

Stephen Baker

Couldn't comment on the first two.

My body can only manage a 1.25 mile run.

Maybe I'm getting old, my tolerance for mosh pits has gone


you need a fennec in your life. fennecs don't wear out. they just eat chickens--very little chickens.


Whatever you do Kat, don't lose too much weight. Your figure is a very welcome change from all the sticks walking around Hollywood these days. Real women have curves. :)


a ginormous spider was on my sweater only seconds ago. wayyy to close to being inside of my purse.

I had to have my boss kill it. heh.

this seemed like the best place to vent about it. :)

David Shelton

Kat. I think that even if I had never seen "Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist" (The only movie I can ever really truly call "magic"..okay maybe Hellboy's Speech to Liz in Tah Dah! Hellboy. Been buying and giving N+N IP to everyone I know.) Your blog would have put you in all our hearts anyway. You rock!


i saw your picture in vanity fair today, its really really beautiful.


You are one strange little girl. I would like to meet you, though. Let me know whenever you spend some time in the Canary Islands.

I'd like to talk to a lady that likes Slayer records and Murakami books at the same time.



kat check it:

ps - i showed my french class "hold onto your berets" this morning... ils ont été très impressionnés

you should so come to va and would love it!


Your blog is my new favorite thing. Sorry, it took so long but I'm a late bloomer.


I just watched the house bunny and I had to find out who you are!I found this site and I have to say you are interesting! Looking foward to what u have to say next!


i dont think farting will ever not be funny...
his face says it all...

at least one thing that probably will never wear off...


I don't eat rice cakes and I don't run. However, I do pilates and I eat popcorn. Just saying. The Phantom Toolbooth (recommended books) is one of my favorites too; so much so that I still have my copy from about 1972, when I was just a little girl. It even has my girlishly scrawled signature on the first page. Even at that young age I knew that books were to be one of my most cherished objects. Love your work, Kat. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming roles. ~Karol


You should try Jazzercise. For reals. It's sweeeeeeeeet. We always feel bad for the suckas running by the joint while we're all having fun sweatin' 80s style.


kat se ke talvez no hables español pero tengo ke saber si puedes ver esto nesesito desirte ke me gustaria ser esclavo tullo y de tu espada por sierto es una buena spada


i barely know some english jeje
so im sorry for the ammm you know bad writen stuff ammm yeah my english sucks....
you're awesome
and ssoooo pretty
or something
i don't know what i'm writing
so if you ever come to chihuahua(a state of mexico known for those ugly dogs and narcotrafic, ejecutions, crimes and things like that) call me jeje
i could be your tourist guide.
ok take care if you could some day post something on my metroflog that would be cool.

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