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kat, your blogs make my life. they are great. :]


Actually, I think a lot of people have nightmares about Criss Angel. Just saying.


Hahaha I love you.

Justin Taylor

I can't qualify for number 4... I've never had applesauce. Horrible person, I am.


after readin this, i am sure i am not kat dennings...beccause i dislike seaweed...wait, what??


oh Kat you are one in a million girl


The only one I relate to is the last one, about Criss Angel.

Jamal Miller

I love it haha


I remember having a shaker of dried seaweed on the table to put on my food. It disappeared, I wonder what happened to it.

preston b

Hahah in so manys ways there just one you haha and they are all funny kudos where are those novelty cups haha


Dead Ringers is a total iiiicccck-factor-10 movie. Psychotic identical twin gynecologists. Yeah. It's not that it's a bad movie, it's just so...ick. *Shudder* Don't get me wrong, Jeremy Irons is the bomb (Kafka, Waterland, and Reversal Of Forture are my faves), but I sort of wish Dead Ringers didn't exist, simply because that would be the only way I could un-see it.

PS - Hi miss Kat!


i'm not kat dennings. but i would sure love to go out with her


You know this whole seafood I want to be skinnier crap is really starting to piss me off. Fishing for compliments? You get enough from all of us, so that's lame. Joking? Not funny, also lame. Serious? Please G-d not another normal person turned Hollywood weirdo/over focused on your stupid body that will wither and get old just like everyone else.

Lighten up on the body image Kat.
Hi all!


This is quite possibly one of the greatest blogs I've ever read. I love it. Especially number 4. I'm completely amused you serenade apple sauce to the tune of I'm on Fire. Funny. Brilliant? Yes.

Account Deleted

I can't figure out a nigthmare with criss angel and jeremy irons, It'll be scary, very scary, now I imagine this and Know that I won't sleep good toonight ahhahahhaa, soo scary.
I only sing this to my ham.
"only you" is great, I cry always, but it's a secret. ahhahahha


that's funny, i sing to my food too... sometimes...


There's a two out of six chance that I'm Kat Dennings as well! I guess I'll never know.

Dili | දිලින

poor apple sauce


A nightmare about Jeremy Irons? You mean, one where you couldnt jump his bones? :D

Dakota Hallman

you are so right this blog made my night you might know me on twitter as BlueBain86 anyway love ya


Tell me now apple sauce is he good to,
Can he nom on you the way I do,
I can bake you in a pie arr*)
ohh OHHH ohhhh I'mana eat choo.

*the boss was totally a pirate.


I too have many novelty cups. :)And I may not sing to my apple sauce, but I do have a little tune I sing about apple juice...


It looks like I'm not Kat Dennings then!


You do realize that you are a beautiful young lady who sets a great example of girls everywhere - you don't have to be a mindless waif to be beautiful!!!! Please don't change. You're funny, smart and gorgeous! From one old fart to a young whipper snapper.


Lol, awww. Those facts are all i need to know about you

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