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I'm a ritard.


You know that dried seaweed isn't actually seaweed it's algae.

Bradly Scott

Pffft whatever. You're absolutely more attractive than Marisa. Support your ribs! They've always been there for you!

You shouldn't only sing to the apple sauce, it's hurtful to the rest of your food. :P

Chris Wheeler

Oooooooh, im on fire. I love Bruce Springsteen. Never thought of changing his lyrics for applesauce but oh well.


On the seaweed point: apparently having lots of selenium will offset iodine excess, since the real problem is relative levels between the two. At least I hope my theory holds, otherwise I'm screwed, given that I've graduated to eating kombu raw. That, or eat nori, which scarcely contains any iodine anyway.


I can not imagine who would not see nightmares about Criss Angel. I know someone who looks just like him and he also creeps me out.

zakaria osman

ahaha I HAVE CRAZY NIGHTMARES ABOUT Cris Angel!. Follow me @zFreshPrince if you like Slayers

Matthew Susman

KAT, you sound like you are pretty freaking groovy and well grounded...I just finished watching DAYDREAM NATION
You NAILED it.


How much theatrical training have you seem naturally gifted....did you research that role????

Gio Hendrix

Holy hell!!! I'm Kat Dennings!!! Oh god I wasn't expecting this!!! ~Stands On a Table~ The first thing I declare as your new found kin- QUEEN! of the picture box is that you all must brake out in to a costly musical production of Scott Pilgrem Vs. The World because I kissed Michel Siera in ... Er.... That one movie! And he left back wash! So I will humiliate him and make him the stare of this musical!!! And as I sit on my throne of Charlie's bones I will make Thore Hammers rain from the skys! Ultamantly making me king of the under-world!!!
"Dude from the side lines": Wait... Did Kat Dennings just say king instead of queen?
Silence!!! I smite you!! I am Kat Dennings according to Kat Dennings!!!! FEAR MY PINK FLAVORED VINILA ICE CREAM IPODS OF OZ!!!!


Whats the point of drinking coffee if its not out of a Charlie Brown novelty cup?


I love your pjs with your pirate patch


i think i am kat dennings.
i don't think, i know. (only my words to the songs are slightly different. but i own too many novelty cups).
but yay!

Harry Icaza

Number one: i love ur ribcage.
number 2: i also love ur legs
´n ur lips.
can go on ´n on, but won´t.

p.s. ur sense of humor is the very best of u.

kisses (from Ecuador)

ghoul gonzalez

i like the fact that i can't quite figure out who's creepier us random strangers reading this kats bizarre but thoroughly enjoyable blogs or kat for posting said blogs in the first place haha,with that said i anonymous creep #biggillion and 456894893934934 would like to say i support this union of the bizarre,its nice when strange strangers can relate

Teca Bravo

I do have nightmares with Criss Angel too... Creepy!

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