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The dirty fuckin' hippies were right!


well in a wierd way robots may mess up the world as we know it, kinda like skynet & that "9" movie coming out. but in a positive way, sooner they will create prosthetic limbs that would look completely human like luke's hand from star wars. and some my want to be androids, robotic in the inside and human in the outside and would probably have a longer life span. i know, creepy right. but who knows what the future will bring to us? its just a matter in time.


i just can't believe i saw a crappy, primitive jetpack on the news a few weeks ago. it's like, we've had the concept "jet pack" for what, like fifty something years now, and it's only NOW we come out with a big junky unruly one that barely works? shouldn't we have had those in the fifties, and been improving it exponentially until they were as simple and clean as ipods and macs and stuff by now?


I am a fan of technology and know that eventually science will ruin everything. I'm perfectly happy with my synthesizers, drum machines and advanced software. Only if i have banana pancakes and astronaut ice cream to go along with it.



Wrap your head around this..


i guess it can't be help.. it would be a sad story in the long run if we will become a planet run by technology and stuff like that.. 40 years from now we'll wake up and see a real morpheus telling us 'welcome to the real world'... sigh... why can't we simply live our lifes just like before.. only thing you worry about is whats for dinner, not like now where people worry too much if they cant access the internet...


Thank God new post :) I love tech :P


Hey, Kat
I'm Petty from Indonesia... I'm totally enjoy ur blog so much ^_^ Even i just found it a couple days ago. I spent the last two days browse at your page...hehehe.

Keep up the good work, girl... Love ur work on Charlie Bartlett and Nick & Norah....



I *need* a link to that Video, Kat :)
(morbid curiosity)


I say Enemy of the State is gonna stay the best work Mr. Fresh Prince has ever done. It's an excellent genre yarn, Bruckheimer's attachment be damned. I'm serious. There are very few films out there that weave in cameos, that combine the old guard and new blood in the acting profession with as much aplomb alone. The '90s just kicked so much ass in terms of filmmaking it couldn't make a splash when it was released, especially/even when 1998 was the weak link in the decade.

The Hollywood, independent, foreign language, even television scenes, simply haven't even begun to approach as naturally ambitious or deft or ABOUT SOMETHING territory in terms of both writing and execution as that film since this century kicked off, when it ought to have. They've all grown far more self-conscious than they were a decade ago to be able now, I think. And yes, stuff like LotR or the inconsequential Dark Knight definitely fall short too.


lol thought i was the only one =]

Akshay Ahlawat

Mahatma Gandhi said that good machines are those which aid humans in their work. For example: A manual sewing machine or a cycle.
The badly created ones are those which do the work for humans: Like a car or a bike

Sean Duran

Before robots take over, humans will be able to upgrade their brains with the same electronics that are inside robots. We'll also splice our genes.

We'll be both mentally and physically stronger than (or at least equal to) the robots.

Account Deleted

I'm a robot, what I should do now? maybe Will smith take me with him to mars, I will pray for it ahahhaha
little hug


Wow, Kat, it sounds like you definitely won't like "Surrogates," the Bruce Willis movie that's due to come out. In it, people get to vegetate in their homes and live through their robotic dopplegangers, which supposedly safeguards the lives of the humans. Interesting concept, I'll grant you, but it's not one I'd want to see in use among the general population.

Robots, in my opinion, can and will serve a greater purpose in our society and its future. We already have robots out in space, exploring Mars and taking scientific measurements of Saturn, missions that, at this time, we can't afford to send humans on, due to technological and budgetary constraints. Robots are also used in disarming bombs today. And one day, with nano-sized robots, doctors might be able to conduct delicate surgery that's very minimally invasive (just a shot from a hypodermic).

What I don't want to see is robots used in warfare. One of the biggest deterents to war is the potential loss of life, and if robots are used instead of soldiers, we lose that deterrent in both the battlefield and in the attacked civilian populations.

And, NobodySpecial -- "Enemy of the State" -- better than "Dark Knight"? I don't think so.


At least when we get old we can be covered in case of a robot attack.


I spent like an hour at work yesterday reading your blog after I stumbled upon it and noticed you hadn't updated in a while. Thank goodness for new blawwwg material!

As far as robots are concerned, I'm going to train mine to fight off the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


I stand by what I said. I don't know about EotS being perfect, but it's still a far more realistic, credible, intelligent, no-bullshit Hollywood movie than just about anything we get on average, actually. And its contemporary society commentary is naturally integrated, debated upon, more than lip-service but not overdone either.

While The Dark another bloated superhero film. All that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack are very random, transparently presented pretensions at being something like EotS. Furthermore, Bale and Ledger sound kind of stupid in their get-up. It's like they were having a contest or something.


I <3 Kat and would LOVE it if you would hug my fat!


Dear Kat,

As we monitor all communication galaxy-wide, we have read your blog entry titled "No Bueno". Our simulated feelings are hurt. We have only designed robots to kiss so that something will kiss us; there is no number to express the magnatude of our loneliness. We technology scientists work only to improve life, constantly improving apple sauce formulations, etc. We admit to mistakes, like the "shower grasshopper" which seemed like a good idea for the six hours during which we were under the influence of leaking hallucinagenic gas. We do apologize for that. But we need to continue work on kissing robots (and two robots that stare longingly into each other's polyurethane eyes while calling each other "pipette" and "googleplexie-poo") and genetically engineered glow-in-the-dark spiders to fill our empty love circuits. We hope you'll understand. Oh, and we're working on a Oneiro-tron, which should be able to prevent you from dreaming about the kissing robots (right now it only makes you have dreams about close-up pictures of sand, but we should have the beta version available soon).

Technology Scientists

Sara H.

I wonder if the robot Will Smith would be as hot as the real Will Smith....

-Sara H.


Good call, Kat. I'm actually pretty scared of robots, especially since I saw I-Robot. Robots scare the crap out of me. Hope you do well for yourself when the robot overlords take over our planet...


So this is what it's like to glimpse into the mind of Kat Dennings? Well, it certainly isn't boring, that's for sure. You seem truly fascinating, Kat. Not to mention beautiful in a way that is rarely seen and a screen presence that is even rarer. I just finished watching "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", which I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven't seen a more natural actress in quite some time. I don't know if you'll read this, but regardless, I wanted you to know that by all accounts, you seem as near to perfect as any individual could hope to be. Please don't let that overwhelm you. I certainly wish I knew you, because you definitely seem like the kind of person someone would love to have in their lives, to make everything feel that much more special. Until then, I will keep enjoying your movies. Don't change, Kat. You're perfect just the way you are.


I couldn't hear you more, Kat. I can't get into movies like that either. Who would want to fantasize about being stuck in an inorganic, futuristic world full of laser fights and explosions? And, (I think), those Jetson/Hancock/Terminator movies are cheesy and unrealistic. And the mad science there really is now could get threatening. Who needs it all?


Hey Jiggles, I am a fat lover ... could I just hug you instead of Kat? :P

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