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How come you don't have your favorite movies on here?


at least you have autumn... new york skipped it and went straight to winter =/
it snowed today:(


greetings from Norway.

over here, it's just cold.


not really one the prettiest autumns i've ever seen, because i really hate windy weather, but hey.. winter is just around the block(Yay!). Greetings from way across the world( Romania )!


if you love bowie you might appreciate the awesomeness that is this
Viva Bowie's area!


Kat you finally posted! we've missed u! I too love Autumn! I live in Seattle, we get a great autumn up in here.

I shaved my mustache recently, worst thing ever. its growing back good so im happy


a new video YAY the anticipation kills me

and i think thers a site you can go to to verfiy your twitter..or ask Peter Facinelli he seems to be like WAY smart on twittering


Yes Kat.. we know how it is.


Wow. "I Hate Myself." That's a dramatic title. I do hope there's nothing to it.

And autumn? What's autumn? Snow's started covering all of our fallen leaves already.

Twitter? Bah. That's a major time and energy sink if ever I saw one.

Good luck on your video blog on moustache-bearing bananas. It might not become the tragedy of "Hamlet," but, knowing you, it should still be interesting.

Danana Rama

This page has become the kid from your first marriage that gets forgotten after you've had another kid with the new wife.


"I hate myself" is a rather harsh title. However, given what she did to me in a dream last week, it might not be too harsh.

In my dream, Kat was turned into a zombie, but she asked me to help her escape the angry mob of people trying to kill her. I didn't want to help her, because I figured she would just bite me and turn me into a zombie. But she promised she wouldn't and I believed her, so I agreed to help her.

And when she hugged me to thank me... she bit me.

Fortunately I didn't turn into a zombie, because I was having a bad allergy attack.

Who know allergies could protect you from being turned into a zombie?


I've been loving the twitter pics of the things you've found on the street. :)

Patricia Godinho

well in Portugal it still feels like we're in the middle of the summer...(it's just too damn HOT! WE'RE MELTING!) anyway, what your favorite season?


Can't wait for your next vid :D

Yeaaah, the weather is weather.

-Take care-


Sean Eckoldt

We've missed you!!


Kat, Why do gnomes giggle when they run?

Cuz the grass tickles their balls!


Hi, Baby!
Please don't hate yourself, love yourself. Because I LOVE YOU!!! And I've missed you.
Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in this cloudy life of mine.
PS: Where I live there's no change of seasons.

KAT!!!!!! 1st time EVER commenting, on anything...ever...sort of. I just have to say that I have the most boring, mundane and monotonous job EVER. Stuck in a pathetic little cube, feeling much like a goldfish...However, THANK YOU for the multiple years of super comical blogs that have entertained me all week.
-Jen in Boston


Well yea i just cant wait for another insanely hilarious vid of urs KAT!

Account Deleted

if you had not said "moustaches" i'd stay home tonight and enjoy my fever, but as you said it i'll have to go to the festa do bigode (translating: party of the moustache)


No autumn :( it's still summer in az, it was in the 90s today. but can't for a new video blog :)


A great song about race...

Will there be pink sunshine this autumn?


I'm not sure about pink sunshine but there may be some thin ice...

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