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i want your everlasting love Kat!

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Don't worry,be happy.Enjoy every moment of your life.


I despise autumn. To me it is nothing more than a reminder of death as the leaves begin to change color until they wither away as darkness arrives much sooner.

At least Sam Adams has Octoberfest to help me with my sorrowful troubles.


I liked "simply irresistible"


How did the after party go this week??

Andrew Rei

remember when Ken Jennings and that guy that beat him for $2 million played against Watson, the IBM computer, on Jeopardy? On the final answer portion, Jennings wrote "I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords" it was the funniest thing I've heard said on that show LOL

Heith Rocker

Mannn... I suck at comments but your great. I believe that's enough said and hope your doing really good.



I made the eclairs from Simply Irresistable last week! Tricky tricky. No magical crab or special vanilla flavored fog to be seen.

D Evans

Kat you are truly eccentric but really authentic in your have creativity and pz don't lose your identity and sell out in are definitely more than I would expect from a celeb usually focused on image just appear to be a normal everyday gal (tomboyish) just having fun;...enjoy life and be real to yourself not for others

D Evans

It is real nice you take the time to be real with your fans and answer their questions...Ie Bella and sophie from T.O. (we canadians stick together)

and Kat you are an oasis in an ocean of diarrhea which is def hollywood and life at downtimes

D Evans

email me back or post onsite Kat if you actually read your site (I think you do)...this is a test and a dare


Nice to see u actingg. u had a grt future. May god bless u.see ya

Sopa Fortificada

Kat te conoci ayer en mi computadora. Que refrescante saber que eres real. Normalmente soy muy exceptico en este tipo de paginas pero creo que eres real.
Eres bienvenida en mi casa cuando la inevitable fama te quite todos tus espacios. Mi casa es pequeña sencilla de madera con una gran vista al Mar aca en la costa pacifica de Costa Rica. Pura vida!


Do you have a boyfriend/hubby?

Carlos FantabuAwesomlistic Stuart

Your Brilliant in a poke the side of your eye until things go dark kind of way :P <----- I hate these but yet they are useful.

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kolaiyee..kolaiyee..thachinoa..kooo.kooo...this is our mother tongue speech...could u get meaning...

Greg D.

Im still saying your a fucking goddess excuse my cursing but seriously I feel wrong using common words like amazing or brilliant to describe you.... Just saying......

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