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I love your art


one day, a movie will be made in which you co-star with mr. walken. that will be the happiest day of my life, to be honest.


do a youtube video with christopher(real first name is hubeeb) walken

Sean Duran



Poah poah... poah poah... poah... poker face.


*does creepy Walken impersonation ala undeclared*


i love you


i think you are the coolest girrrrl alive. when i grow up, i wanna be like iu

Michael Kearney

That is simply fantastic.


wooooooooooh for a long time of dying waiting checking your site for new post finally your back so love the way you blog kat!


you so crasy!


You pleased us all with a new post and a picture that is impressive! I started worrying why you haven't posted for such a long time,and it happened today.

Good to hear that you're still crazy,hehe. Enjoy the new year!


I'd have to say the best part about this picture is Christopher Walken's hair. Nothing beats Walken hair.


stay crazy kat

Arthur Dent

you should put both of those pix in to the, "If they made it" booth to see what your children would look like.


We see so little of you I was beginning to think you and Tiger were hanging out. *ROAR*

european scum

Hi kat,
You need to rethink/redo this site! It doesn’t work anymore, since you’ve jumped on the twitter band-wagon and never update.

Also, you should use your website as the primary source of communication thus taking advantage of the inevitable synergies made from the different media channels.

I like that you have lists of your favorite books/music, but why are these lists static? Don’t you discover new stuff?? And given your profession, it’s strange that you haven’t got any favorite movies. hmm…

However, your videos are awesome! You really should upload more regularly (1-2 a month), but they must be better than your last vegan-attempt. Sorry.


bored per chance?


you're a special girl hon.


Kat, you're awesome.


Happy New Year, Kat!


such a gem of a man. i can't believe i was so smart as to take a break from jumping on my bed and/or eating japanese peanuts to check my favorite site and find this.


"Don't worry, I'm still crazy."

Well, yeah, we knew that ;P
and you just make us a little crazy, too, making us wait like this. Sheesh!

And you know, now, looking at this picture, I can't get the classic Addams Family theme song out of my head. Thanks, Kat! Argh!


Kat, I think this website basically concretizes the fact that you're the only cool person left in Hollywood. Also on tweeter.

I just discovered you today and I already know this.

Yes, I did just used the word concretize.

By the way, that list on the left, that's not much of an infinite playlist.


you two would make such an awesomely odd couple.

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