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Ruben Serna

Awesome:) keep it real like a monkey


Kat, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. Something tells me your soul is even more beautiful. Never stop being you. You make me think there is hope....


Speaking of favorite movies, have you seen 'Shaun of the Dead'? If not, you'll love it..



why are you wearing your jacket in the bedroom? ;-)




I Love who you are ha!
ahhh i love your voice its soooo cooool!:P


kat are the same age!!
are made ​​for each other! I love you're beautiful!

Riccardo Riki

Io sono il Signor nessuno che sogna di incontrarti in una lavanderia a gettoni e mentre aspetta che le calze e le magliette siano pronte parla con te ,finendo a cena insieme con davanti un piatto di qualunque cosa e un bicchiere di Barolo...anche due
I am Mr. nobody who dreams of meeting you in a laundromat, and while waiting for the socks and the shirts are ready, talk with you, running out to dinner with a plate of anything in front of us and a glass of barolo ... even two



Seattle Fan

Hi there,

Just want you to know that I truly adore "2 Broke Girls", and that I knew immediately upon the conclusion of the series premiere. I dashed to and wrote as much in a message there soon after watching that first episode.

Don't know if I'd ever heard of you prior to September, but you make for such a great presence on the set and you're a terrific complement to all which surrounds you there each week.

YOUR TIMING in delivering your best lines is impeccable but I do have to give the writers their due.

Thanks for brightening-up our airwaves each week, and I hope that the momentum continues for you!!!


A fan in Seattle

Joseph Rousell

(-_-) very cute, Kat.. The kind of woman (notice that I didn't say "girl") that a REAL MAN is looking for: {Naturally} gorgeous, down to earth, funny, and loves kids...good stuff, love.. (^_^) -Joe

Susanna Katherina

<3 this girl

Lieneke Teeuwen

June 13, 1986, that's my birthday too!


Marrie me!!!!
Like your sing!!


James Garner and Julie Andrews: The Americanization Of Emily (b/w 1964)

Written by Paddy Chayefsky, directed by Arthur Hiller

100% on Rotten Tomatoes

You're welcome.


ket i just have watched your movie Thor than found ur web site .It is nice , specially ur video blog...... i think u r so cute in real life .... so imaginary and also so beautiful ........ :)

by the way r u find someone for touching ur red lip ??? real someone ??

Ivan Ooze

Why hasn't this been updated for almost two years?


red lipstick and your lips are like mac and cheese. just saying.


hello kathy my name is Gabriel and i´m your fan, i like your performance in the 40 year old virgin. i have a question, if your you will fall in love,he person only must be a jew??


come back to victoria....fuckin SLAYER ...


dear kat
do you have a facebook page


You´re the best!!! i am from argentina and here we see two broke girls and you´re great!!! best wishes Kat!!!!


Kat you remind me of my high school sweet heart!

Cesar Val

u r lovely


hi i love u im frome egypt kat

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